Family of Mr. Wu

Location: Guangzhou, China
Number of Children: 2 ( 5,9 years)
Languages Spoken: Chinese, English
Nationality Preferences: European
Available to Start: Any time
Period: 6-12 Months

A Letter to Au Pair

Dear Au Pair,

How are you?
There are five members in my family including me, my wife, grandmother, my daughter and my son. My daughter Wu Xiao is 9 years old, studying in the 3rd grade of primary school(private bilingual school of Chinese and English). My son Wu Changlin is 5 years old studying in a kindergarten. Hopefully you would like to interact with us, improving the children’s English skills and their independence, and spend a happy and wonderful vacation here. Shall we have some family activities together? Such as cleaning house at weekends, cooking, handicrafts and outdoors activities.

Best wishes,
Host Dad


Au pair’s Room

Living Room

Share Bathroom

Outside View

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