Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province. It’s the political, economic, technological, educational and cultural center of Guangdong.
Guangzhou is also known as “Canton” and “Southern gateway of China”, located in central and southern Guangdong Province, the northern margin of the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong and Macao are adjacent to Guangzhou.  
Guangzhou is both one of the first group of Famous Historic and Cultural Cities and Outstanding Tourist Cities of China. Guangzhou has more than 2200 year’s history with thousands of historic and cultural sites and scenery. Guangzhou is the birthplace of Maritime Silk Road, the center of Lingnan Culture, the source of neoteric and modern revolution and foremost place of implementation Reform and Open Policy.
Cantonese New Year Tradition---- Annul Flower Market
Guangzhou is also named “Flower City” and Guangzhou city’s flower is Kapok which stands for the martyrs and heroes. On the New Year Eve, Cantonese will go to annul flower markets to buy plants with auspicious names. This is one of the New Year tradition of Cantonese, which is to wish have a better time in the New Year.
Cantonese Music---- Cantonese Opera
Cantonese Music is a traditional Chinese instrumental music style originating from Guangzhou and neighboring areas. It became famous in the 1920s and 1930s when the music was popular in Shanghai ballrooms.
Cantonese Opera combines elements of martial arts, acrobatics, singing, and dancing. Its dynamic performances have enabled it to become one of the major categories in Chinese operatic arts. This beloved form of theatre has recently been included on the World Intangible Cultural Heritage List, after a joint application from Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao. Cantonese Opera is now the second style of Chinese folk opera to make the list after Kunqu Opera in 2001.  

Cantonese Architecture
It is a kind of commercial arcade buildings first built in the early twentieth century. The unique architecture blends traditional Cantonese construction features with 18th century western architectural style. 
Cantonese Cuisine
Guangzhou delicacies are the main representatives of Yue Cai (Cantonese Cuisine), which includes Guangzhou dishes, Chaozhou dishes and Dongjiang dishes and enjoys great popularity all over the country. Guangzhou cuisine uses a wide range of ingredients from the sky, the earth, and the water. They also use seasonings sparingly. Compared with other Chinese cuisines, Guangzhou dishes seldom use thick spicy dressings in order to keep from masking the original taste of the food.
Foreigners say “All delicious food is in Guangzhou” and Guangzhou people say, “Delicacies are at Xiguan of Guangzhou”. Xiguan preserves lots of famous traditional snacks. The most lively and popular place is definitely the Shangxia Jiu Road.
Cantonese dim sum ranks the best in the whole country. Exquisitely made dim sums attract your eyes and stomach. Among the various choices of dim sums, you may choose the most typical ones: Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Shao-Mai, Steamed Twist Roll, Shuang Pi Nai (Stewed Milk), WanTan Noodle,Guiling Herb Jelly, Herbal Tea, etc. 
(Shrimp Dumpling,  Steamed Shao-Mai,  Steamed Twist Roll,  Shuang Pi Nai {Stewed Milk} ,WanTan Noodle, Guiling Herb Jelly, Guiling Herb Jelly ) 


Cantonese Night Life
Night Snack
In the evening, Cantonese, especially young people, would like to have Night Snack before they go to sleep. Night Snack also called “Yexiao”, is one of the Cantonese’s customs. It is usually taken after 10 pm. Some people like to cook some noodles or conjee as Night Snack by themselves; others like to invite a few friends to have Yexiao at a teahouse. Most of teahouses serve Night Snacks.
As one of the first Chinese cities that were opened to the outside world, Guangzhou is definitely a pioneer in introducing fresh overseas trends in the field of entertainment. And it is easy to find a place to relax in such a big city.
If you’d like to improve your health, there are golf courses, tennis courts and bowling clubs. If you just want to relax, the KTV and pubs are good choices. Or you can take a boat on the Pearl River to enjoy the charming night scenery of Guangzhou.
The Pearl River Night Cruise
The night scene viewed on the Pearl River is so enchanting that you must have a look. The best way is by boat. The trip will start from the Xidi Dock and end at the Guangzhou Bridge. There are more than thirty scenery spots along the bank. 
The schedules are 18:00-20:00, 20:00-21:30 and 20:30-22:30. It costs about RMB 38 (or RMB 48 including dinner) for tourist boat and about RMB 68 (or RMB 98 including dinner) for deluxe boat. 

Cantonese Tourist Attractions
The following places are the most popular tourist attraction in Guangzhou:
1. The Museum of the West Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King
2. Canton Tower/Guangzhou Tower
3. Xiguan Mansion
4. Chen Clan Academy
5. Guangxiao Temple
6. Huaisheng Temple
7. Zhenhai Tower
8. Liurong Temple/Six Banyan Temple
9. Cathedral of Sacred Heart of Jesus
10. Wu Xian Temple/Taoist Temple for Five Immortals
11. Nanhai God Temple
12. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
13. Huanghuagang Cemetery Mausoleum of 72 Martyrs
14. Guangdong Provincial Museum
15. Baiyun Mountain
16. Yuexiu Park
17. Yuntai Garden
18. Baomo Garden
19. Panyu Lianhua Mountain/Lotus Mountain
20.Panyu Xiangjiang Safari Park

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